Professional Solutions to Your Electrical Problems

Arrange for electrical repair services in Auburn or Portland, ME

Dealing with faulty electrical systems can be a major headache. If you're feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, hire Pinnacle Electric to help. We're a company that's known for our high-quality electrical repair services. We'll come to your location, discuss the problem and troubleshoot your system. Once we know what's wrong, we'll provide you with a free estimate before getting started.

When you need lighting repairs or any other electrical repairs done in Auburn or Portland, ME, call 207-807-6614 for help.

We'll make sure your electrical problems are all taken care of. After our initial call, our team will visit your property to troubleshoot the problem. We can also set up long-term diagnostic metering, which allows us to study how your system operates over 30 days. By doing this, we can more accurately pinpoint issues to provide lasting repair solutions.

Hire us today when you need comprehensive electrical repair services. Our electrical equipment and lighting repair team is ready to take your call.